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There’s a phase in life where you’re stuck in a constant dilemma fighting the fact that you’ve grown up, yet craving the independence. It feels like as time goes by further, I crave the independence less and less, and I more and more deny the fact that I now need…

Everything in life exists for the sole purpose of either teaching you something, or making you use what you’ve learnt. When a situation ends, we start considering the stuff we learnt from it, and come to a sort of acceptance where we can start applying our learning. …

Maybe if we meet again
When we meet again
We would both mature
You would know better
Than to smoke life away
And I would understand
This phase of your life
Better when you’re not in it

I still understand
That you need to kill time
Just to get by
And that it’s…

I hate hypocrisy. It feels like, if you claim something, you must believe in it. And if you truly believe in it, you don’t switch stands. If I strongly believe in equality for women, objective equality, I have believed in it forever and I stand by it and for it…

For the first time in almost a year, I walked through to a marketplace in India. The kind of marketplace I’m talking about is a huge area full of high rises, with thousands of human males bustling about the place, along with a handful of females and about as many…

Welcome to the Coronavirus pandemic, which after one year of plaguing the entire world, is promising to destroy 2020 through and through. …

“It’s a ruse to believe
That someone out there will come save you
Set yourself up
For a lie
If you think someone will take you”

A snippet from one of my songs I wrote back in 2018 maybe, when I realized how disappointing dependence is. Relationships might be easy…


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